Thomas Brussig

Wie es leuchtet

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How it Shines - Summer 1989 till summer 1990 – everybody is going over to Hungary, the Berlin wall falls and Germany is world champion. Thomas Brussig tells about the roller skating Lena who writes the bestseller about the time when the wall came down, about Lena’s big brother the outstanding Leica photographer, about Leo Lattke the star reporter who right at this moment suffers from a writer’s block, tells about Alfred Bunzuweit the farting manager of the Palace Hotel, about Jürgen Warthe the civil rights activist, about Gisela Blank the very gifted lawyer, and also about the 19 year old albino who examines a national economy for a global corporation. Thomas Brussig describes a time of fundamental changes, of newly won freedom, of insecurity, a time when anything was possible, nothing was unthinkable and more things happened than one ever dared dream of. So far nobody has put the feelings and life spirit of this time into pictures and words as colourful and precise as Thomas Brussig.

About Thomas Brussig

Thomas Brussig, born in 1964 in Berlin, first achieved public recognition for his novel Helden wie wir. Since then, he has published many works, including Am kürzeren Ende der Sonnenallee (1999), Wie es leuchtet (2004), and the musical Hinterm Horizont (2011). His works have been translated into 30 languages.
His written works - as well as one film and one stage play - have reached an audience well into the millions

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Thomas Brussig
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Wie es leuchtet


Thomas Brussig
Wie es leuchtet
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