Thomas Glavinic

Der Jonas-Komplex

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ISBN 978-3-10-002464-0


The sum of a year, the cross-section of a life, and the adventure of love. A searing new novel by Thomas Glavinic
A year in the life of a writer in Vienna, filled with drugs, alcohol, and women. An adventure that will bring Jonas and Marie, the love of his life, to the south pole. And a thirteen-year-old boy who plays chess as a desperate escape from his life. They are joined by a cast of secondary characters straight from a Tarantino film: a lawyer for the Hell’s Angels, a Wing Chun grand master, and a murderess who cuts up her lovers’ corpses with a chainsaw. Reality meets head-on with the desire for another life. And Thomas Glavinic succeeds in drawing all of these elements together and transforming them into a gripping novel about life’s essential questions: who do I want to be? Where do I want to go? And do I have the courage to make the choices that will take me there?

About Thomas Glavinic

Thomas Glavinic was born in Graz in 1972. His debut novel, Carl Haffners Liebe zum Unentschieden, was published in 1998, followed by Der Kameramörder—recipient of the Friedrich Glauser Prize—as well as Wie man leben soll, Die Arbeit der Nacht, and his most recent novel, Das größere Wunder. His novel Das bin doch ich was shortlisted for the German Book Prize in 2007. Many of his works have been adapted for stage and film, and his books have been translated into 20 languages. Thomas Glavinic lives in Vienna and Rome.

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Thomas Glavinic
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Der Jonas-Komplex

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