Thomas Hürlimann

Das Gartenhaus

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ISBN 978-3-10-490454-2


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About Thomas Hürlimann

Thomas Hürlimann, born 1950 in Zug, Switzerland, studied philosophy in Zurich and Berlin. He has written numerous plays, stories, and novels, most recently Heimkehr (2018). His novel Der große Kater was adapted for the screen, with Bruno Ganz in the title role. Hürlimann’s work has won him numerous prizes, including the Rauris Literature Prize (1982), the Joseph Breitbach Literature Prize (2001), the Jean Paul Prize (2003), the Thomas Mann Prize (2012), and the Hugo Ball Prize (2014). He is a Corresponding Member of the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts and a member of the Academy of the Arts, Berlin. His work has been translated into 21 languages. He lives in Switzerland and Berlin.

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Thomas Hürlimann
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Das Gartenhaus
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