Tobias Elsäßer

Eden Park – Das schwarze Loch

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FISCHER Sauerländer
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ISBN 978-3-7373-5463-9
10 years up


Eden Park – the most modern city in the world. Together with his friends Leonie and Yashie, eleven-year-old Vincent has managed to save the inhabitants of the city from annihilation. For now. The Alpha Group who monitors Eden Park wants to use Vincent for their sinister purposes because he has access to the hidden laboratory of his uncle – and thus to information that the Alpha Group wants to keep from the entire world. When Vincent is then even chased by his own doppelganger, he realises that he has to risk his life to save the world that we know.

About Tobias Elsäßer

Tobias Elsäßer, born in 1973, works as a freelance journalist, author and vocal coach. Additionally, he manages workshops for creative writing and song writing. His books for children and young adults have been awarded many prizes. He lives in Stuttgart.

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Tobias Elsäßer
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Eden Park – Das schwarze Loch
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