Tobias Elsäßer

Eden Park – Der neunte Würfel

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FISCHER Sauerländer
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ISBN 978-3-7373-5462-2
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When Vincent looks at a screen for too long, he simply faints. He suffers from a very severe kind of screen allergy. This turns out to be a big problem when Vincent’s family wins a house in the lottery – in Eden Park, the most modern city in the world where even teachers are only virtually present in the classroom.
Good grades depend on conformity, active consumption and on possessing as many online friends as possible. Everything is handled digitally. Shielded from the outside world no one in Eden Park notices that the end of the world is close at hand. Everywhere deep cracks tear the streets open. Then, a strange postman rings Vincent’s doorbell and gives him a package which contains nine mysterious dice. But how can they be used to save the entire world?

About Tobias Elsäßer

Tobias Elsäßer, born in 1973, works as a freelance journalist, author and vocal coach. Additionally, he manages workshops for creative writing and song writing. His books for children and young adults have been awarded many prizes. He lives in Stuttgart.

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Tobias Elsäßer
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Eden Park – Der neunte Würfel



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