Tommy Jaud

Der Löwe büllt

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ISBN 978-3-651-02558-5


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About Tommy Jaud

Tommy Jaud learned that he was not cut out for office life when he interned at an automotive supply firm. He decided to study German literature instead, and one fateful day sold his first joke to the comedy show RTL Samstag Nacht. It was a riot, and he was soon writing more for television (Harald Schmidt Show and Die Wochenshow) than for his studies. He gave those up for good when he was offered a full-time job as comedy writer. In 2004, he wrote his first novel: Vollidiot. To this day he doesn’t know what could have made him do it. The best-selling novel has sparked two best-selling sequels and has been turned into a film, as has his second novel Resturlaub. Jaud developed both screenplays, as well as the TV movie Zwei Weihnachtmänner. He lives in Cologne.

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Tommy Jaud
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Der Löwe büllt
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