Klaus-Peter Wolf

Totentanz am Strand

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384 Pages,
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FISCHER Taschenbuch
publication date:
ISBN 978-3-596-29919-5


Dr. Bernhard Sommerfeldt: The most dangerous man in the country and the new number 1 on the bestseller list

That was close: His unmasking in East Frisia, separation from Beate and his subsequent escape to Gelsenkirchen have all left their mark. Left to his own devices, he plots revenge on his family in Bamberg who got him in this situation. But the yearning for East Frisia won’t go away. So he returns to the place that poses the most danger to him, as Ann Kathrin Klaasen is still searching for Dr Bernhard Sommerfeldt there.

About Klaus-Peter Wolf

Klaus-Peter Wolf is one of the most successful crime authors in Germany. His Ann Kathrin Klaasen novels are mega bestsellers and are regularly found at the top of the SPIEGEL bestseller list. The author works as a freelance writer and scriptwriter in the East Frisian town of Norden, in the same borough as his inspector, Ann Kathrin Klaasen.

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Klaus-Peter Wolf
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Totentanz am Strand


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