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Die Reformation in Europa

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Bob Scribner treats the Reformation as more than solely a religious affair, placing it at the centre of a reform spanning the whole of Europe and the period from 1400 to 1650. He charts this reform process across all its various and at times conflicting facets.The first section outlines political, social, and religious life in Europe during the crisis of the Middle Ages. A second section takes up the impetus to reform generated by Luther, Calvin, and Zwingli between 1520 and 1535. Such impulses not infrequently led to violent confrontation - one need only remember the iconoclast movement or the excesses of Peasant Wars, as well as harsh countermeasures exacted by the authorities. The religious reform as such is examined in a third section.This portrayal provides a long-awaited comprehensive survey of the Reformation period which skillfully integrates questions of intellectual and social history.

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Wolfgang Benz, PhD, born in Ellwangen/Jagst in 1941, is a historian and was a research fellow at the Institute of Contemporary History up to 1990. He has since been Chair of the Centre for Research on Antisemitism at the TU Berlin.

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Die Reformation in Europa
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