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An der Arche um Acht

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ISBN 978-3-7373-6701-1
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8 O'Clock at the Ark

Penguins love a debate. This includes various issues regarding God. Does God see everything? Does he lay down rules? Or maybe he doesn’t exist after all? Three penguins are having a heated debate when it begins to rain: The Flood. They manage to secure two tickets for Noah’s Ark, but what about Penguin No.3? Without batting an eyelid the other two smuggle him on board the Ark. An eventful journey begins...

In a manner both wonderfully comic and rewardingly substantial this book asks many important questions about God and life in general without rushing to easy answers.

"An der Arche um Acht" has won:

the Dutch Award Vlag & Wimpel 2009;

the French Award of the Children's booksellers' association "Prix Sorcières 2009";

the French Public Award Tam-Tam 2008.

More than 80,000 copies sold in Germany.

About Ulrich Hub

Ulrich Hub, born in Tübingen in 1963, works as a director and author. For five years he has been acting, in 1993 he started working as director. He has written several plays, including some for children. He won many awards and lives now in Berlin.

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An der Arche um Acht

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