Ulrich Tukur

Der Ursprung der Welt

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ISBN 978-3-10-397273-3


This isn’t Paul Goullet’s world any more. A lover of old books and pictures, beauty, dreams and imagination, the German finds himself living in an age of chaos. He flees to Paris, but France too has become a surveillance state. Then, on one of his walks through the city, Goullet makes an astonishing find – an old album containing photos of him surrounded by elegant ladies and gentleman in the 1920s. Intrigued, he sets out on his doppelgänger’s trail, which leads him to the south of France. Haunted by disturbing visions and fantasies, he keeps moving through time and metamorphosing into the man in the photo album. And more and more clues suggest that this man has a terrible secret.

About Ulrich Tukur

ULRICH TUKUR was born in 1957. One of Germany’s most famous and most acclaimed actors and a keen musician, he is also a highly successful author (Die Seerose im Speisesaal, Die Spieluhr). He has won an array of cinema and TV prizes for his work as well as awards such as the Jacob Grimm German Language Prize. While shooting the film Séraphine he came across an old photo album that was to be the inspiration for The Origin of the World. Ulrich Tukur lives with his wife, the photographer Katharina John, in Venice and on an old farm in the Tuscan mountains.

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Ulrich Tukur
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Der Ursprung der Welt

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