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Born in Dresden, 1961. Grandad a certified ne’er-do-well. Grandma makes every shopping trip an adventure. Five years in São Paulo with mum and dad. They had their own system. Thanks. Apprenticed as an industrial manager: I’m not stamping all five hundred of these effing dockets. I’d rather be a grave digger. A job requiring no previous knowledge. Main thing no more offices. Kathrin is at the theatre already. Perfect working hours. But unless I’ve done military service they won’t let me near drama school. So Christmas 1984 it’s the German embassy in Prague. Emigration. But straight back in for the carnival and for love. And straight back out. Lucky break.


About Uwe Preuss

The son of a project engineer and a technical draftswoman, Uwe Preuss grew up in East Germany and Brazil. He tried a multitude of careers, with continual fresh starts: industrial management in the planned economy, boilerman for a church guest house, canteen manager for construction workers, warehouse manager at a steel works, crate builder at a steam sawmill, and accountant, before leaving for West Berlin. There he studied acting. From 1991 he joined the Dresden theatre company and the Berliner Ensemble. Since 2005 he has been freelance, performing on major German stages. For the last ten years he has mainly worked in front of a film camera.

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Uwe Preuss
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