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Penelop und der funkenrote Zauber

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ISBN 978-3-7373-4078-6
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Penelope lives with her mother and grandmother on the outskirts of a small town. She has always been different from other children, both in looks and behaviour: Her hair has been grey since birth, for example – and sometimes, she can hear her mother’s words before they are spoken aloud. Then she wakes up one morning and her hair has not only turned sparkling red overnight, she also realises that she can suddenly fly! There must be a family mystery. At long last, her mother confesses that her father, whom Penelope thought died years ago, is not only still alive … he is a wizard. Penelope must have inherited his powers, and she embarks on her journey to find him – at first, to confront him about the abandonment of his family. Not long into her search, though, she realises that her father is in fact in terrible danger …

A book with all the ingredients that make children love reading: A lovely heroine and a simply magical story, with a talking street, a cat that can store magical powers … and many more original ideas.

About Valija Zinck

Valija Zinck, born in 1976 in Ingolstadt, has been working as a choreographer and dance educator for fifteen years. She lives in Berlin with her family.

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Valija Zinck
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Penelop und der funkenrote Zauber

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