Volker Weidermann Illustriert von: Kat Menschik

Ma.Lu.Lu.Ka. – Ein Ratekrimi

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ISBN 978-3-7336-0100-3
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Ma.Lu.Lu.Ka. – that means the friends Marlene, Lu, Ludwig and Karim. During a school trip to Berlin-Tempelhof the four discover an old audiotape with strange, mysterious sounds in the underground hallways of the abandoned airport. The clues lead the friends to places all over Berlin – to the zoo, to the Brandenburg Gate, to the Berlin TV Tower – until they can finally trace them back to animal abusers. What happened to the elephants of the Berlin zoo many years ago? Former zoo keeper Pavel seems to be the only one who knows something but he is hiding from the children… But the four friends refuse to give up!

About Volker Weidermann

Volker Weidermann, born in 1969 in Darmstadt, studied Politics and German. He is a literature critic and bestselling author. After many years as chief of the features section of the Frankfurter Allgemeinen Sonntagszeitung, he is joined the Spiegel in 2015.

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Volker Weidermann
Abbildung: Kat Menschik
Ma.Lu.Lu.Ka. – Ein Ratekrimi
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