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A passionate book person, a born critic, a key figure in post-war Germany’s intellectual history: Walter Boehlich (1921—2006) shaped the German literary world as head editor at Suhrkamp Verlag and later as a writer, editor and translator. He also made his voice heard as a commentator on politics over several decades. This selection of his writing marks his 90th birthday. It sheds light on an advocate of literature who accepted only the highest criteria. His strictness was coupled with great passion and love – for authors, for texts, for sincerity. This volume provides a varied insight into his work and erects a worthy monument to him. It contains criticism and introductions, essays and polemical writing, columns and commentaries from the major areas of his work, in thematic and chronological order.

About Walter Boehlich

The literary critic, essayist, translator and publishing editor Walter Boehlich, born in Breslau in 1921, died in Hamburg in 2006, studied literature in Bonn and became an assistant to Ernst Robert Curtius. He wrote regularly for newspapers and magazines such as Die Zeit, FAZ and Titanic for many years. S. Fischer has published his edited Jugendbriefe an Eduard Silberstein by Sigmund Freud and his translation of Virginia Woolf’s Mrs Dalloway.

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Die Antwort ist das Unglück der Frage
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