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Warum?, fragt Frau Blum

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ISBN 978-3-7373-5386-1
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›Why?‹ is the most beautiful question in the world – at least that’s what Mrs. Caulifly has come to think. Why is it that she hasn’t asked questions on the secrets of the world for so long? She takes her dog and sets off, asking people all kinds of things on her way. Why are fish able to swim right from the moment they are born? Why are flames hot, an apple round and strawberries red?

Soon, however, she has to ask herself why no one takes the time to answer her. Then, she meets a young boy who is just as curious … and they bombard each other with questions and try to get as many answers as possible.

About Barbara van den Speulhof

Barbara van den Speulhof, born in 1959, works as an author, editor, producer of audio plays and director of mostly children’s productions. She lives in Frankfurt/Main.

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Barbara van den Speulhof
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Warum?, fragt Frau Blum
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