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Wolfgang Hilbig’s first novel, published in the autumn of 1989, tells the story of the boilerman C., who leads the life of a simple worker in the GDR but secretly goes about the ‘illicit work of writing’. When he comes to the Stasi’s attention they have him arrested on a pretext and interrogated. Released from custody, C. flees the small town of M. for Berlin, where he hopes to order his thoughts and write in his former cellmate’s vacant apartment. During this task he finally loses his grip on reality. Can he trust his memories? Or is his reality only one of several variations? Who is really guiding his path in Berlin? Was he involved in murdering a woman?

A short story previously only existent in handwritten form is published for the first time in this volume of the complete works, forming the core of the later novel. The volume closes with an epilogue by Jan Faktor.

About Wolfgang Hilbig

To this day there is an aura of mystery around the poet Wolfgang Hilbig, who was born in 1941 and died in 2007. He grew up without a father in the small town of Meuselwitz near Leipzig, left school at fourteen and worked as an unskilled labourer in various sectors before ‘rising’ to the rank of stoker at an industrial plant. During and after work he wrote, but his texts met with official rejection in East Germany. In 1985 he moved to West Germany. Despite winning virtually every major literary prize, including the 2002 Georg Büchner Prize, he remained an outsider and cut a singular figure on the publishing scene.

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Wolfgang Hilbig
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