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Werke, Band 7: Essays, Reden, Interviews

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The essays are the indispensible cornerstones of Wolfgang Hilbig’s seven-volume edition. These not only include Hilbig’s poetics lectures and other texts about art, but also the numerous acceptance speeches that Hilbig held when he was awarded literary prizes. While his speech in Kamenz in 1997 caused a scandal with its criticism of German unification, his Büchner Prize speech in 2002 became a melancholy retrospection on the role of literature. However, Hilbig’s actual talent shines through his fabulously beautiful essays, which combine observation and reflection with the power and tone of his narratives. In addition, this volume contains Hilbig’s most important interviews – they are the voluntary disclosure of an indispensible writer.

About Wolfgang Hilbig

To this day there is an aura of mystery around the poet Wolfgang Hilbig, who was born in 1941 and died in 2007. He grew up without a father in the small town of Meuselwitz near Leipzig, left school at fourteen and worked as an unskilled labourer in various sectors before ‘rising’ to the rank of stoker at an industrial plant. During and after work he wrote, but his texts met with official rejection in East Germany. In 1985 he moved to West Germany. Despite winning virtually every major literary prize, including the 2002 Georg Büchner Prize, he remained an outsider and cut a singular figure on the publishing scene.

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Wolfgang Hilbig
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Werke, Band 7: Essays, Reden, Interviews
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