Foreign Rights

Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction

Myriam Alfano
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Asia (except from English language) | Italy | Latin America | Portugal | Russia | Spain

Elisa Diallo
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English language territories | Arabic World | Belgium | France | Iran | Netherlands

Katrin Meerkamp
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Eastern Europe and the Balkans | Greece | Israel | Scandinavia | Turkey

Children’s and Young Adult Books

Ulrike Blank
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Baltic Countries | Arabic World | Benelux | Belarus | Czech Republic | France | Israel | Japan | Poland | Russia | Scandinavia | Slovakia | Ukraine

Esther Mallm
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English, Spanish and Portuguese language territories | Italy | Southeastern Europe | Turkey

Ilka Wesche
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China | Korea | Thailand | Taiwan


Domestic Rights

Permissions for small reprints / anthology rights are issued via IPR License only.  

German Licenses, Special Editions, Cooperations (Children’s Books)

Ilka Wesche
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German Licenses, Special Editions, Cooperations (Adult Fiction / Non-fiction)

Elke Fuhrmann
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Claudia Brandes
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Mira Dietermann
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Elke Fuhrmann
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Doris Mall
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Head of Rights Department / Legal Counsel

Katharina Winter
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