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Thema: Resources in English?
Jeff Reich
Erstellt am 23.07.2009 16:19
I'm looking for an English-language equivalent to Does anyone have any suggestions? I've had absolutely no luck. Also, does anyone know if Die Manns: Ein Jahrhundertroman is available with English subtitles? Thanks.
Wulf Rehder
TM in English?
Erstellt am 25.07.2009 01:45
I’ve not seen an English-language equivalent or derivative of Unfortunately, the domain is taken, but you may want to start your own TM website; die domain is not taken, is also available.

It appears that there is an English version of “Die Manns – Ein Jahrhundertroman”; siehe “The Manns - Novel of a Century” bei y Wikipedia also claims that this is an English version, see under Weblinks of the site ; but I haven't watched it myself and can’t verify it. doesn’t seem to have this title.