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Thema: Big request:)
Erstellt am 26.02.2009 16:32
Hello, I have big request for helping me where I can find such part of Thomas Mann's prose?/essay? I/ve got it in polish, but I try to translate it in english:) I wolud be gratefull for your help:)
'You're not allowed to be - you have to look! You're not allowed to live - you have to create! You're not allowed to love - you have to know! Only once to be between you, on your place, to be yours, you, alive!" Where did he wrote it?
Wulf Rehder
Request: Die Hungernden
Erstellt am 01.03.2009 10:15
Dear Anna,

The quote is from a 1902 story (Th. Mann called it "a study") entitled "Die Hungernden" ("The Hungry"). The original German quote in context, with my quick attempt of an English translation, is as follows:

„Ach, einmal, nur einmal eine Nacht wie diese, kein Kuenstler sein, sondern ein Mensch! Einmal dem Fluche entfliehen, der da unverbruechlich lautet: Du darfst nicht sein, du sollst schauen; du darfst nicht leben, du sollst schaffen; du darfst nicht lieben, du sollst wissen! Einmal in treuherzigem und schlichtem Gefuehl leben, lieben und loben! Einmal unter euch sein, in euch sein, ihr sein, ihr Lebendigen! Einmal euch in entzueckten Zuegen schluerfen – ihr Wonnen der Gewoehnlichkeit!“

„Alas, only once, only once a night like this one, not being an artist, but a human being! Only once to escape the curse, which inviolably says: You must not be, you shall behold; you must not live, you shall create; you must not love, you shall have knowledge! Only once, with naïve and homely feelings, to live, love, and laud! Once to be amongst you, within you, to be you, the living! Once to drink you in rapturous swills – blissful normalcy!”

The topic of an artist being deprived of the ability to love, occurs several times in Mann's work. The most famous locus is chapter XXV of "Doktor Faustus," where the devil, after a long dialog, proposes a pact with Adrian: "You must not love." (towards the end of the chapter)