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Thema: looking for Thomas Mann quote
Ivan Jennes
Thomas Mann quote
Erstellt am 21.11.2008 17:02
Dear reader,
For some time now I'm looking for a quote, which I THINK is by Thomas Mann, wherein he explains what is takes to become a civilised, cultural person. As I remember it, Mann (or one of his characters) considers culture as something that is obtained almost incidentally, not by harsh study, but seemingly effortless, which can even lead to an impression of lazyness. Can anyone help me?
Thank you.
Ivan Jennes, Belgium
Wulf Rehder
Erstellt am 09.02.2009 08:55
It is possible that the quote you are looking for is in Felix Krull, Book 2, Chapter 4, about 3 pages into the chapter, right after Felix reports that the Pension Loreley was beginning to flower. In German, it begins: "Bildung wird nicht in stumpfer Fron ..."