Dr. Siv Bublitz (Foto: Kai Bublitz)

Siv Bublitz to be Executive Vice President Editorial and Strategy for German publishing house S. Fischer

Press release | Frankfurt am Main, 26 June 2017

On 18 September 2017, Dr. Siv Bublitz will become the new Executive Vice President Editorial and Strategy for publisher S. Fischer in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Dr. Bublitz, formerly as Publisher and CEO with publishing company Ullstein, will succeed Dr. Peter Sillem, who is leaving S. Fischer on 30 June 2017.

As Executive Vice President Editorial and Strategy, Dr. Bublitz will be responsible for book programs S. Fischer, FISCHER Scherz, FISCHER Krüger, FISCHER FJB, FISCHER Tor and FISCHER Taschenbuch. She will also be appointed to the management of Holtzbrinck Publishers Germany.

She will be reporting to Dr. Jörg Bong, President and Publisher. As CEO, Dr. Bong heads the entire range of S. Fischer publishing companies, which also include Fischer Kinder- und Jugendbuch Verlag and Fischer Theater- und Medienverlag.

„Siv Bublitz has the highest reputation on the international book market as well as many years of management experience“ says Dr. Bong. „Her tremendous expertise, ranging from high literature to entertainment, will greatly benefit the extensive Fischer program.“

„The fact that Siv Bublitz is coming to Fischer, and thus also joining the Holtzbrinck Publishing Group, is fantastic“ adds Dr. Joerg Pfuhl, CEO of Holtzbrinck Publishers Germany. „I have been following her successes in the industry for a long while now, and I am very impressed.“

Dr. Siv Bublitz (56) began her professional career at Rowohlt, where she initially worked for several years in the paperback editorial department; she then became head of Wunderlich Verlag, followed by Rowohlt Berlin Verlag. In 2004 she joined Ullstein Buchverlage, where she became Publisher and CEO three years later.


Foto: Kai Bublitz

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