Sliver of Time

  • Epic science fiction novel by best-selling author Andreas Brandhorst
  • Adventure and action in space: an epic space opera from Germany
  • Over one million Andreas Brandhorst books published to date
  • For readers of Andreas Eschbach

A brilliant space opera about a great war between mankind and an extraterrestrial species

For centuries, humanity has had to defend itself against the alien Honta, without knowing why they keep attacking. In the year 3233, the enemy invades Harkonia, a colonial planet more than 8000 light-years from Earth. One of the few survivors is seven-year-old Cameron, who lost his mother in the attack. Adopted by a commander of the United Armed Forces, he begins a career in the military. Determined to get his revenge on the Honta, he gathers more and more info about the hated enemy in battle. But the Honta always seem to be one step ahead of the humans. Do they have a technology that mankind doesn't understand? To discover the answer, Cameron must embark on an unusual mission: a journey to the end of time.

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  • Publisher: FISCHER Tor
  • Release: 27.09.2023
  • 512 pages
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Splitter der Zeit
Kristian Streich

Andreas Brandhorst

Andreas Brandhorst, born in1956 in Sielhorst in northern Germany, is one of the most successful living authors on account of thrillers such as Das Erwachen and Das Bitcoin-Komplott and Sci-Fi novels like Das Schiff and Omni. Spectacular futuristic visions are his trademark. He has received numerous awards for his work. He lived for thirty years in Italy, but has meanwhile returned to his northern German homeland.