Revolution for Life

  • A philosophical analysis of the new protest movements like Black Lives Matter and Fridays for Future that shape modern life 
  • The most powerful new voice in German political philosophy
  • Sample Translation available
  • NBG review available (Spring 2021)

A radical social critique — and a heartfelt endorsement of the power of human action.


The future of democratic societies is under intense pressure from the rise of authoritarianism and the imminent threat of climate change. However, resistance is forming in the gaps of the power matrix. In her philosophical analysis of these new forms of resistance, the philosopher Eva von Redecker sheds light on the potential for a revolution for life.

​Black Lives Matter, Fridays for Future und NiUnaMenos are all examples of worldwide protests against the destruction of life. This destruction includes rising sea levels, climate change, border regimes and domestic violence. Eva von Redecker identifies in these movements a new form of activism, one focused on ensuring human survival and safeguarding our livelihoods. Her research is at the intersection of critical theory and feminism. In her book, she analyzes the beginnings of a revolution that could bring down the disastrous capitalist order. She highlights how we need to change our lifestyles if we wish to rescue life rather than continue to degrade it. We have to nuture where we used to destroy, regenerate where we used to exploit and share where we used to consume.

What we need is a revolution in all our activities and every area of our lives.


​“This book might turn into the bible of intellectual resistance against real existing capitalism”.  Deutschlandfunk Kultur 

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  • Publisher: S. FISCHER
  • Release: 23.09.2020
  • 320 pages
  • Format: Hardcover
Book Cover
Revolution für das Leben
Sophie Brand

Eva von Redecker

Eva von Redecker was born in 1982 and studied Philosophy in Kiel, Tübingen, Cambridge and Potsdam. She worked from 2009 to 2019 as a research associate at the Humboldt University of Berlin, where as deputy director she set up the Center for Humanities and Social Change. She is currently working on her post-doctoral thesis and has published a number of books and articles. Eva von Redecker grew up on an organic farm where she learnt about strawberry-growing, direct marketing and horse-breeding, and now lives in the countryside again at an academics' and artists’ colony in Brandenburg.