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Sample Translations English

  • NBG review (Autumn 2021) available
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  • English sample translation by Katy Derbyshire available


"This is a triumph of the novelist's art" The Guardian on Alice

Judith Hermann tells the story of a departure: an old world is lost and a new one comes about.

Her daughter is a traveller, on the road far away. In little letters to her ex-husband, she tells him how she’s doing in her new life by the sea, in the north. She sets up house, forges cautious friendships, tries love for size, wonders whether she might feel at home here or ought to move on.

Judith Hermann tells the story of a woman who leaves a great deal behind her, builds resilience and becomes another person in the intense landscape of the coast.

She tells a story of remembering. And a story of a moment in which life splits in two, an old world is lost and a new one comes about.


In this new novel, Judith Hermann admirably recreates the ‘dancing, feather-light and yet melancholy tone’ (Uwe Wittstock) that makes her work so unique.

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  • Publisher: S. FISCHER
  • Release: 28.04.2021
  • 192 pages
  • Format: Hardcover
Michael Witte

Judith Hermann

Judith Hermann was born in Berlin in 1970 and lives there with her family. Her extraordinary debut Sommerhaus, später was followed by the short story collection Nichts als Gespenster, the five stories in Alice, her first novel Aller Liebe Anfang and the short stories Lettipark. Judith Hermann’s work has become required reading in schools and has been adapted for the silver screen, internationally celebrated, and awarded numerous prizes, including the Kleist Prize and the Friedrich Hölderlin Prize.