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Four women from four generations, one communal apartment, and the end of an era

This is a story of change: in the vast Siberian expanse, one thousand versts east of Moscow, a grandmother, mother, daughter, and granddaughter live together in one room of a communal apartment, beneath crumbling plaster that hearkens back to bygone days. It is March 11, 1985, and the world is on a historical turning-point that no one can yet anticipate. The engineer next door continues to sort his life into little boxes; Varvara helps deliver a baby; Maria dreams of love; and Janka sings in the kitchen at night.

UPHEAVAL is a powerful novel about four lives on a turning-point, a lost world whose tremors we can still feel today, and the absurdity of life and its great question: “How should we live?”

In this incisive chronicle of our time, Katerina Poladjan shows once again that German literature is, above all, European literature. Music of the Future is a timeless novel replete with tender humor that turns to the age-old, yet ever-pressing question of how we should live.

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“UPHEAVAL is the quintessence of a novel: as powerful and beautiful and clear as thirty novels.” — Monika Rinck

"Katerina Poladjan has written one of the very great contemporary German novels, which is read differently now in times of war than it was in times of peace." — Denis Scheck

“Strong dialogues, moving portraits. Katerina Poladjan has mastered the art of elision, and yet her novels are all atmosphere.” — Meike Feßmann on HERE ARE LIONS

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DK (Klara W)

  • Publisher: S. FISCHER
  • Release: 23.02.2022
  • 192 pages
Andreas Labes

Katerina Poladjan

Katerina Poladjan was born in Moscow, grew up in Rome and Vienna and now lives in Germany. A playwright and essayist, her prose debut One Night, Elsewhere was followed by Maybe Marseille, and she also co-wrote the literary travelogue Beyond Siberia with Henning Fritsch. She has been nominated for both the Alfred Döblin Prize and the European Prize for Literature and participated in the 2015 Festival of German-Language Literature in Klagenfurt. For Hier sind Löwen she received grants from the German Literature Fund, the Berlin Senate and the Tarabya Cultural Academy in Istanbul.

- Zukunftsmusik was shortlisted for the LEIPZIG BOOK FAIR PRIZE 2022.