The Time for Courage is Now!

  • Lea Bonasera is co-founder of the climate change activist group “Last Generation" and researched civil resistance at Oxford University.
  • A highly-topical subject that polorizes. A book that mediates.

“We are stronger than we think!” says Lea Bonasera, co-founder of the climate change activist group "Last Generation". She uses civil resistance to draw attention to the environmental crisis. However, with headlines such as "Can mashed potatoes save the climate?" and labels such as "eco-terrorists" and "Klima-Kleber" (climate gluers), media personalities and politicians attempt to discredit and criminalize the actions of the climate protests. Civil resistance can be a way of overcoming powerlessness, especially at a time when a multitude of crises threaten to overwhelm us. 25-year-old Lea Bonasera is deeply convinced of this. She was not only involved in many protests herself – she also intensely researched the history and goals of civil resistance at Oxford University. Scientifically sound, yet easy to understand, Bonasera builds a bridge between theory and practice. Based on her personal career and her own experiences, she shows what civil resistance really means. And that it is definitely an effective means of persuading decision-makers in politics and business to stop defending the status quo and take action.

"A plea for perseverance that also helps to become clear about one's own attitude." - Brigitte, Meike Dinklage

"Lea Bonasera has recognised the seriousness of the situation." - taz FUTURZWEI, Arno Frank

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  • Publisher: S. FISCHER
  • Release: 27.09.2023
  • 224 pages
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Die Zeit für Mut ist jetzt!
Norman Konrad / Der Spiegel

Lea Bonasera

Lea Bonasera (born in 1997) studied international relations at Oxford and is writing her PhD thesis on the subject of civil resistance in democracies. On dozens of occasions, she has taken a stand on the street, in front of ministries or on hunger strikes. She co-founded “Letzte Generation.”