About the Stupidity of the Moment

We don’t see the present. Not yet.

What is changing in Germany, Europe or the world right now? Can literature even contribute anything to the awareness of the present? Which role does the past play? And should literature become more political again? Olga Martynova travels to present day Jerusalem and back to the Soviet Union of the 1980s. She meets artists and intellectuals in her hometown of Saint Petersburg and in Crimea, and continually raises the question how literature handles the horrors of time and the tragedies of life. She travels with authors such as Joseph Brodsky, Paul Celan, Ossop Mandelstam and Ovid. Olga Martynova’s essays are focused and finely developed. They are literary border-crossers between present and past, delicate snapshots of a restless world.

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  • Publisher: S. FISCHER
  • Release: 08.03.2018
  • 304 pages
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Über die Dummheit der Stunde
Gaëlle Deleflie

Olga Martynova

Olga Martynova was born in Siberia in 1962 and grew up in Leningrad, where in the 1980s she co-founded the group of poets known as “Camera Chranenia.” In 1991 she moved to Germany with Oleg Yuriev (1959-2018). From 1999 she wrote literary texts in Russian and German. Since 2018 she has only written in German. Martynova is a member of PEN and the German Academy for Language and Poetry as well as the Academy of Sciences and Literature (Mainz). She is a recipient of the Ingeborg Bachmann Prize (2012) and the Berlin Literature Prize (2015). Her most recent works published with S. Fischer are the novel Der Engelherd (2016) and the essay collection Über die Dummheit der Stunde (2018).